First Impressions

Pictures: the first one is of the President’s Mosque from the top of the main college building. The second is of one of the markets (سوق) in the old city. The last is of four kids who practically fell over when they saw this picture of themselves.

The first three days in Yemen have been exhausting, but Sana’a is worth it. The city is beautiful, and the people all seem to love having foreigners around. Although, after the Christmas bombing attempt in Detroit there aren’t many left.

The college we’re studying at ( is located on the same road as the Yemeni Prime Minister’s house and the Yemeni Parliament. The campus itself consists of one building with classrooms and administrative offices and another with the library and the snack shop.

Outside of class and homework we’ve mostly been trying to catch up on sleep. However, we have gotten to explore the old part of Sana’a ( صنعاء القديمة), which is one of the oldest cities in the world. We saw the markets where the traditional Yemen dagger (الجنبية) and Qat are sold.



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3 responses to “First Impressions

  1. srmichelman

    اذهب الى شوق القات يوم الحاميس و ابحث”الروسي الابياض” هو الاحسن و حلو جدا

  2. Tiiiik! Congrats on making Yemeni children realize how little they have in life!…um…I mean on arriving safely. So are you trying to say that you found the dope spot where they sell Qat and you didn’t even try it? Seems like a safe addiction to me. It’s not like you could come back to the States and go find some shady dude selling Qat in the streets of Middlebury. Give it a chew!….obviously I’m kidding. And if you are chewing it while reading this, quit! Because you can’t spell “qat” without “quit”….mostly.

  3. Hi Tik,

    I used to visit Sanaa on business in 1992-1993. Walking through Ancient Sanaa gave me a feelin as if Jesus Christ was among the crowd! Yes, it’s so lovely, as it really takes you on a blasy into the past. Good Stay! George

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